FDIs in Pakistan Real Estate

20/04/2018 Investing

FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments) are the investments made across the countries. This means that an individual or a company in one country invests in the business or project set up in another country.

Top 3 Housing Schemes in Lahore to Consider for an Elite Lifestyle

16/04/2018 Lifestyle

“A home is where the heart is” – and if the heart is in the right place, you can live a happier life.

Capital for your Capital- Why Islamabad is a great place to live

04/04/2018 Investing

Yes, it is the capital of Pakistan we are talking about- Islamabad, and yes it is your financial capital we think would make a great investment in the said city. Do you want to know why?  Read the account given below.

Top Secrets to Keep Your House Cool without Air Conditioner

28/03/2018 Lifestyle

Summers are just around the corner and almost all of us have started preparing for this tough season.

DHA Signal Free Corridor – Adding Value to the Living Experience

26/03/2018 Area Guide

Defence Housing Society, most commonly known as DHA, is known for its luxurious lifestyle and beautiful architecture.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Tiles for Your Home

20/03/2018 Home Inspirations

The trend of tile flooring has been around for quite a long time now but the homeowners still prefer it because of the amount of grace it adds to any space!

The booming residential DHA society

16/03/2018 Area Guide

When it comes to discussing the top-notch society in Pakistan, then the runner-up is DHA after Bahria Town.

House Leasing Finance Structure in Pakistan

13/03/2018 Leasing

Owning a house is nothing short of a dream of almost everyone!

Pakistan’s real estate buying trends for Summer

08/03/2018 Buying

Real estate sector of our country is always fluctuating and there is never a time in the entire year when it can be officially said that the climate of this sector is feasible.

5 Tips to Maintain Good Relations with Your Landlord

02/03/2018 Renting

The relationship of tenants with the landlord can have a huge impact on the living experience!

3 Most Common Housing Scheme Scams in Pakistan

26/02/2018 Buying

Not only in Pakistan but globally, scams are everywhere; even in real estate industry.

Pakistan Real Estate – A Comprehensive Analysis of Last 3 Years

23/02/2018 Investing

In order to make any future predictions, it is important to take a look back at the trends of the previous years.